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Tasahel excels in providing certified translation services with credibility, accuracy, and reliability. We accurately and professionally translate documents from any language to any other language and authenticate them in an appropriate and official manner.

Our certified translators are experienced in dealing with official and personal documents. We determine the price and time required to complete the service based on the type of document, the languages involved, and other requirements. We also provide flexibility in meeting the needs of our customers.

  •  The extraction fee
  • English: 600 EGP
  • Arabic: 600 EGP
  • French: 600 EGP
  • Italian: 600 EGP
  • German: 600 EGP
  •  Time for processing: 2–5 business days
  •  Available languages for translation:
    • اللغة العربية – الانجليزية- الفرنسية- الألمانية – الايطالية   .
  •  Validity period: 5 years from the date of issuance
Required documents for translation:
  1. صورة من الشهادة أو المستند المراد ترجمته (محتاجين الاصول) .

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