Embassies and consulates

Tasahel provides a service to authenticate official and personal documents for individuals who wish to travel, work, or study abroad.

The steps to authenticate documents involve verifying the authenticity and accuracy of the document and certifying it in an appropriate and official manner by placing an official seal on the document after ensuring its authenticity and accuracy. The fees required for authentication are determined according to the type of document and the country in which the authentication is to be conducted


  •  Authentication fees: depending on the type of service.
  • Available Embassies: 
    • UAE Embassy, Saudi Embassy, Jordan Embassy, Qatar Embassy, Oman Embassy, Bahrain Embassy, Kuwait Embassy
  •  Time for processing: It depends on the type of service 
Documents Required for Document Authentication:
  1.   Original document or certificate to be authenticated

Tasahel's consulates and embassies authentication service is characterized by speed, efficiency, and credibility, as it is provided by trained and experienced employees in dealing with official and personal documents. This service also provides flexibility in meeting customer needs.

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