➔ Turkey Visa

  •  The cost of the visa : 3025 جنيه
  • Processing time: 24 hours
  • Length of stay: 30 days
  • The validity period is 90 days from the date of travel

المستندات المطلوبة للحصول على تأشيرة تركيا:

  • A passport valid for 6 months from the date of travel

All requirements from submitting the visa to receiving it and responding with approval or rejection are the responsibility of the embassy and not the company.

In case of visa refusal, the embassy will not refund any money paid, and you cannot apply again until two months from the date of visa refusal.

  • (Conditions for accepting the service: The applicant must be less than 20 years old or older than 45 years old, or hold a valid US or Schengen visa.)

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