Official Extracts

At Tasahel, we provide the service of issuing official extracts from government services with efficiency, accuracy, and ease. These documents include birth certificates, death certificates, passports, educational certificates, family and individual records, translated certificates and records, and other official documents.

  •  The extraction fee varies depending on the type of extract.
  •  Time for processing: 2–3 working days.
  •  Types of official extracts :
    • include birth, death, divorce, marriage certificates, family
  •  Validity period: 7 years from the date of issuance.
Required documents for extraction:
  1. صورة من شهادة الميلاد أو الوفاة أو الطلاق أو الزواج.
  2. صورة من شهادات الميلاد في حالة القيد.

We excel in the service of issuing official extracts with speed, effectiveness, and credibility, where this service is provided by trained and experienced employees in dealing with official and personal documents.

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